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Episcopal Church


What is the Vestry?

The vestry is an elective body that administers the temporal affairs and ministerial relations of an Episcopal parish.

The vestry of Trinity Church meets the third Wednesday of every month at 6:30 PM in the office to address parish business.  The meeting follows standard rules of order.  Parish members that are not on the vestry may attend these meetings, but because of the rules of order they are only allowed to speak during one particular time, at the beginning of the meeting only.

The agenda of the last meeting, along with the minutes of the meeting and the financial report, are posted on the vestry bulliten board in St. Michael's Hall for all parishioners to look at.

Trinity Vestry Members:

Senior Warden:  Mark Ricci

Junior Warden:    Joe Dinegar

Clerk:    George Swanson

Treasurer:   Carol Hill

Pledge Secretary:  Ruth Leue * (Not a vestry member)

Sarah Hair

Rick Gildersleeve

Sean Donadio

Don Markham

Charley Bayha

Amanda McDonald

If you are interested in Vestry please contact  Mark Ricci.