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Episcopal Church

Our Parish Prayer

     Father of all mankind:  We pray that to this church all thy children may ever be welcome.  Hither may the little children love to come, and young men and women be strengthened for the battle of life.  Here may the strong renew their strength and win for their life a noble consecration.  And hither may age turn its footsteps to find the rest of God and light at eventide.

      Here may the poor and needy find friends.  Here may the tempted find succor, the sorrowing find comfort, and the bereaved learn that over their beloved death has no more dominion.  Here may they who fear be encouraged, and they who doubt have their better trusts and hopes confirmed.  Here may the careless be awakened to a sense of their folly and guilt, and to timely repentance.  Here may the oppressed and striving souls be assured of the mercy that triumphs over sin and receive help to go on their way rejoicing.


Grace for the month:

Most Holy and Kind Father, we as unworthy servants do approach Thee again with our thanks for the many blessings that Thou hast bestowed upon us, and for the daily bread Thou hast provided for us.  We remember, dear Lord, that Thou hast said we cannot live by bread alone, but by every word of God.  Amen.