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Episcopal Church

Living God's Mission

We at Trinity Portland are called to participate in God's mission, coming together to answer the needs of various outreach projects, giving with thankful hearts, responding as Christ has called us to do.


Portland Food Bank:

We get a list of the things the Portland Food Bank needs the most every month and encourage our parishioners to fill baskets inside the church with these items.  We also have a special collection plate every Sunday just for the Food Bank.  The money and the collected goods are delivered regularly to the food bank.  We also try to hold parish events dedicated to the Food Bank every year,  The Food Bank recieves all of the proceeds of these events. The Portland Food Bank does not currently have its own website.

Here is a list of some preferred items:

January:     School snacks

February:  Toothbrushes, tooth paste, dental floss, mouthwash

March:        Toilet paper

April:            Toiletries, such as shampoo, deoderant, soap

May:            Paper towels

June:           Canned fruit

July:            Cereal

August:        School snacks

September: Laundry detergent, dryer sheets, dish soap, sponges

October:      Canned meat

November:   Pasta and sauce

December:  Diapers and baby wipes



You can go to the state food bank website for more information:


Packages of Hope & Thanks:

Trinity Parish collects items to fill boxes sent to our service men and women, usually basic necessities, like toiletries, and sometimes treats.

 American Indian Christian Mission:

Trinity is proud and honored to sponsor Anna Rose, A White Mountain Apache 5th grader through this ministry.  At the AICM, Anna says she enjoys playing with her friends.  She loves her dorm parents because they make her feel safe, smile, and laugh.  She has asked us to pray for her family to be safe, and for alchohol abuse to stop.  Besides a monthly stipend which allows her to attend school, we also send Christmas, Birthday, and Easter gifts, and back to school supplies, and help defer the cost of summer school programs for her

For more information go to:www.aicm.org


Covenant to Care: The Christmas Giving Tree:

Trinity Parish supports Covenant to Care each Advent by setting up The Christmas Giving Tree in our sanctuary.  The tree is hung with the name tags of needy area children who might not otherwise get Christmas presents.  Parishioners take the tags and buy presents for these children.  Before Christmas the presents are collected and distributed.

For more information go to: www.covenanttocare.org


 Food for the Poor:

 We welcome speakers from Food for the Poor every year in order for them to update us on their work in the Caribbean and South America. Two years ago we collected enough to build a new house in Haiti after the devastation there.  Last year we supplied them with funds to feed hungry children, and get them clean water to drink. 

For more information go to: www.foodforthepoor.org



Bishop's Fund for Children:

Trinity donated to the Episcopal Bishop's fund for children, aimed at helping high risk children in Connecticut.  For more information, go to https://www.ctepiscopal.org/Content/Bishopand_39_s_Fund_for_Children.asp


Episcopal Relief & Development Fund:

Trinity has donated money to the Episcopal Relief and Development Fund. 

For more information go to: https://www.episcopalrelief.org


Thanksgiving Dinners:

The parishioners of Trinity are proud to have purchased  Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for at lerast ten local poor families who otherwise would not have had them, with all the fixins.


 To help with this ministry, contact either co-chair, fill out and submit the Contacts form on the website, or call the office at 860-342-0458.

Co-Chairs:  Sean Donadio / Marjorie Barrett