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Episcopal Church

Parish Committees

Spiritual Fulfillment though Service

We at Trinity Church believe that care and concern for our church community, the personal spiritual growth of our parishioners, and concern for the stewardship of the earth and her inhabitants will lead us all to a deeper commitment to God. 

The heartbeat of our church is our committees, which allow us to do God’s work as effectively as we can.  Please consider joining one of the following:


†Living God's Mission:

     One of the key goals of our parish is outreach. This group plans what we can do for the needy in our community.

     Contact Sean Donadio, Marjorie Barrett, or Carol Hill

† Parish Life Committee:

     Coordinates all secular parish social and fundraising activities, such as dinners, fairs, and bake sales.

      Contact Marjorie Barrett.

† Music:

   Everyone is welcome to join the choir. There are opportunities for solo pieces.

    Contact Susan Beers.

† Altar Guild:

     This group does all the care and maintenance of the altar, including flowers.

      Contact Bobbi Adams at 860-342-2723 to arrange for flowers for a chosen week.

† Cleaning:

     This group meets to clean the inside of the church and St. Michael's Parish Hall.

     Contact Rick Gildersleeve, Jim Rau, or Don Markham.

† Property Committee:

   This group is responsible for the maintenance of the Church property, inside and out, including repairs and upgrades.

   Contact Jim Hill, Sean Donadio, Jeff Adams, or Kathy Kavanaugh.

† Women of Trinity:

    Part of the Episcopal Church Women of the National Episcopal Church, to which all parish women belong.

    Responsible for fellowship and service.